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Housing Selection Process

The housing selection process for the 2020-2021 academic year has been delayed. Students will be notified via email once specific dates have been determined.

All aspects of the housing selection process will be conducted in online formats including roommate matching.

HSP is how current returning students select their rooms for the following academic year. The order for room selection depends upon only 2 things:

1) class year

2) a randomly generated priority number

Those numbers determine when students pick a room within their class year. When grouped with a roommate(s), the combined average of each student's number is used to determine the order of selection for all roommate groups.

Please follow the instructions below for navigating the housing selection process.

View the following video tutorials for demonstrations of each step of the online housing selection process.

 Completing the Housing and Board Agreement

 Creating a Roommate Profile

 Requesting a Roommate

 Accepting a Roommate Request

 Searching for a Roommate

 Viewing Available Rooms

 Selecting a Room


Please note that students participating in a study abroad or other away program during the fall semester may not participate in the housing selection or roommate registration process. To request a "swap" of room assignments between students who will be away from campus during opposite semesters, please e-mail our office directly to make that request.


Specific requests for room accommodations related to conditions covered through the Americans with Disabilities Act should be submitted directly to the Office of Accessibility Services. Contact Dean Coolbaugh at to request a housing assignment on the basis of gender identity and to obtain further information.

February 1

Housing accommodation request deadline


All students must register for the Housing Selection Process in The Housing Director-Self-Service and complete the Housing and Board Agreement


Housing and Board Agreement available for digital signature and Roommate Registration

Housing Selection Process dates. Group room selection times will be determined and sent out in the days prior to room selection. Students should expect selection times to take place during the academic day. Only one person from each group needs to complete the room selection and system is compatible with most mobile devices. We recommend accessing The Housing Director-Self-Service from the device you plan to use to select a room prior to your group's selection time. Dates below are tentative, finalized dates will be announced during the spring semester.


Rising senior room selection


Rising junior room selection


Rising sophomore room selection


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