Selecting a Language

Holy Cross has a strong commitment to teaching languages. All students must satisfy a one-year language requirement, and the choice of language serves as an integral component to their overall academic studies.

Select a language to study in your first year at Holy Cross based on how it complements your other academic interests. For example, an economics major interested in Europe may want to consider studying German and studying abroad in Germany. Language selection can help to define your academic path and expand your opportunities — both during your college career and beyond.

Why Learning a Second Language is Important in Today’s World

At Holy Cross, we teach languages, literatures, cultures, global perspectives and the meaning of human expression in its many forms in preparation for a global society.

Foreign languages lie at the very heart of the broader liberal arts curriculum and language study is a vehicle for the understanding of the cultural worldview of speakers of other languages. As such, it plays a key role in the multicultural or cross-cultural dimension of all majors and concentrations.