Department of Visual Arts 

Fenwick Hall, 4th Floor and Millard Art Center
Phone: 508-793-2227 
Fax: 508-793-3882

Chair: Patricia Johnston 
Academic Administrative Assistant: Kerstin Bean

Visual arts students study and analyze a wide variety of cultural expressions, and have many hands-on opportunities for creative investigation. Students in both disciplines study works of art and architecture in their cultural, social, political and historical contexts. 





visual arts students making clay sculptures from a human model
Visualizing and Understanding the World Around Us

Students acquire analytical skills that extend beyond works of art to any visual material — a skill relevant to a world in which visual media dominates.

Arts Transcending Borders

Arts Transcending Borders (ATB), funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, is an initiative designed to enhance the role of the arts in every aspect of the Holy Cross experience by infusing the arts into students’ academic lives and creating new opportunities throughout the curriculum and the community to cross cultural, geographic and disciplinary boundaries.

Centered in the departments of music, theatre and dance, and visual arts, the program forges new collaborations across disciplines and introduces artists and performers into every facet of the liberal arts experience that Holy Cross offers students.

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