Charles Carroll

The Charles Carroll Program at the College of the Holy Cross promotes the study of the major themes of the American political tradition, which we believe are distinctly connected to the College’s broader commitment to the liberal arts and Jesuit education.

Drawing inspiration from the only Catholic signer of the Declaration of Independence, The Charles Carroll Program works to keep these themes at the forefront of debate on campus both by investigating their roots in the western philosophical tradition and by emphasizing their connection to contemporary issues. Through public events such as lectures and conferences we seek to engage the campus community in discussions about important ethical and political themes; through our postdoctoral teaching fellowship we seek to both bring these themes into the classroom and to prepare the next generation of faculty; and through our student fellows and summer research fellowship program we connect these themes to the instruction of our students.


Contact Information

Charles Carroll Program
C/O Department of Political Science
College of the Holy Cross
One College Street
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610-2395


Donald Brand


Ph.D., University of Chicago
Fields: American politics; American national institutions; public administration
Fenwick  310 PO Box: 121A  Phone: 508-793-3402
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Daniel Klinghard


Ph.D., Brandeis University
Fields: Political parties and interest groups; race and ethnic politics; American political development
Fenwick 322 POLS, Smith 332 CLAW   PO Box: 70A Phone: 508-793-2361
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Recent Events


Lecture by Josh Muravchik - February 6, 2020 Rehm Library


Past Events


  • The Big Stick, Military Power for What , Exactly - Eliot Cohen


  • Government Unions and American Democracy - Daniel DiSalvo
  • The Muslim American Muddle- Peter Skerry


  • Taking Federalism Seriously - Professor Marc Landy
  • Educating For A Future of Constraints - Dr. Patrick Deneen
  • American Exceptionalism:  Origins and Character - James Ceaser
  • Thucydides: Tragic Realist? - Dr. Mary P. Nichols
  • The Surprising M. Tocqueville - Dr. David Clinton

2010 - 2011

  • Mr. Jefferson's Constitution - Jeremy Bailey
  • Hamilton and Jefferson: Two Visions of Democratic Capitalism
  • Individualism or Greatness? - Alexis de Tocqueville on America's Uncertain Future - Dr. Aristide Tessitore
  • Constitution Day lecture- Reflections on American Constitutional Identity - Gary Jacobsohn


Adam Smith Conference

This two-day event explored the ethical, political and economic thought of Adam Smith, the 18th-century Scottish moral philosopher and a pioneer of political economy. Visit the Adam Smith website for more information.