Located at the crossroads of three continents — Europe, Asia, and Africa — and home to some of the earliest human civilizations, the Middle East has long been the object of scholarly focus, and of diplomatic, economic, and geo-strategic concern for its inhabitants as well as foreign powers. The Middle Eastern Studies concentration at Holy Cross seeks to offer deep knowledge and trains students to think critically about this historically vital region. 

Staffed by scholars in the social sciences and humanities, courses emphasize both the similarities between as well as the vast diversity among the countries of the Middle East. Classes range from 12 to 24 students (depending on the type of course) and are often accompanied by extracurricular activities beyond the classroom including guest lectures, films, field trips, and art exhibitions. 

The self-designed major or minor serves as an excellent springboard for students interested in pursuing careers in diplomacy, policy, nongovernmental organizations, business, law, museum studies, education, and area studies.