Middle Eastern Studies

Middle Eastern Studies: Self-Designed Major, Self-Designed Minor

The Middle Eastern Studies concentration offers you a multidisciplinary approach to the study of the Middle East both past and present.

Through a combination of course work and extracurricular activities (including lectures, art exhibitions and field trips) the concentration is designed to provide both depth and breadth of knowledge about one of the world's most geographically, culturally, and linguistically diverse regions.

As a concentrator, you will study the Middle East on its own terms. You will enroll in courses across the disciplines in order to develop a unique and in-depth perspective on contemporary issues and challenges related to the region. By studying both the past and the present, you will learn to read and think beyond reductive news sound bites and analysis, which obfuscates an understanding of the region, its peoples, cultures, and politics. 

Program Highlights

Middle Eastern Studies concentrators choose from a diverse set of classes related to the Middle East from departments across the curriculum. These include Arabic language, art history, history, political science, and religion.