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French and Francophone Studies

French and Francophone Studies: Major, Minor

To study French is to join an extensive community of speakers and learners of the French language scattered over five continents. The French curriculum is designed to provide you with linguistic proficiency as well as an understanding of French and Francophone literatures and cultures.

Through extensive course offerings, you will develop linguistic proficiency, hone analytical skills, and gain a critical perspective on global affairs, notably those of the French-speaking world. Language instruction is complemented by practice sessions (practica) led by a French Foreign Language Assistant (FLA). Cocurricular events will allow you to perfect your language skills and enhance your appreciation of the cultures of various French-speaking countries. You can deepen your learning experience by studying abroad at one of the College’s immersion programs in France and Cameroon.

Program Highlights

The French and Francophone Studies program offers an array of rigorous and innovative courses, all conducted in French. Language courses range from elementary to advanced levels. Upper-level courses include offerings in the following subject areas:
  • French and Francophone Literatures
  • Arts & Cultures from the French-speaking World
  • French-Language Cinema
  • Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies
  • Translation 
  • Linguistics
aerial photo of the central square of the historic heart of Dijon, France
Enhance your French language skills by studying abroad in Dijon or Strasbourg, France or in Yaoundé, Cameroon.
sign on window that reads cinema
See your French studies come to life beyond the classroom through regular cocurricular programming.
foreign language assistants posing on stairs
Practice your French in small practice sessions led by French Foreign Language Assistants.

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