Faculty & Staff


professor kendy m hess

Kendy M. Hess

ESIB Advisor
Brake-Smith Associate Professor in Social Philosophy and Ethics
Office: Smith 523 
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professor karen teitel economics and accounting and ESIB

Karen Teitel

Associate Professor, Accounting
Program Coordinator, Accounting Program
ESIB Advisor
Office: Stein 537  
Phone: 508-793-2679
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professor schaeffer

Denise Schaeffer

Professor, Political Science 
ESIB Advisor
Email: dschaeff@holycross.edu 
Office: Fenwick 307 
PO Box: 49A Phone: 508-793-3403
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Executive Committee

donald brand


Donald Brand

Professor, Political Science
Office: Fenwick 310  
Phone: 508-793-3402
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professor gregory burnep



Gregory Burnep

Assistant Professor, Political Science
Email: gburnep@holycross.edu
Office: Fenwick 328  
Phone: 508-793-3016
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professor peter fritz, religious studies



Peter J. Fritz

Edward Bennett Williams Fellow, Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
Fields: Catholic systematic theology (especially the theology of Karl Rahner, SJ), modern Christian history, theological aesthetics, theology and visual art, critical responses to neoliberal capitalism
Email: pfritz@holycross.edu  
Office: Smith 434 Phone: 508-793-3501
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professor alex hindman


Alex Hindman

Assistant Professor, Political Science
Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University
Fields: American Politics; U.S. Constitution; Separation of Powers; Public Law
Email: ahindman@holycross.edu
Office: Fenwick 301  PO Box: 49A Phone: 508-793-2598
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professor richardson


Allison Richardson

Professor of Practice, Economics and Accounting 
M.B.A., Bryant University
Office:  Stein 522A     Phone:  508-793-3725
Email: arichard@holycross.edu



Affiliated Faculty

professor alba


Josep Alba-Salas

Professor, Spanish
Ph.D. Cornell University
Fields: Spanish and Romance Linguistics; Theoretical Syntax (Spanish, Italian, and Catalan); Second Language Acquisition; Applied Linguistics
Email: jalba@holycross.edu
Office: Stein 414 Phone: (508) 793-2539
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professor laurie ann britt smith


Laurie Ann Britt Smith

Director, Center for Writing
Ph.D. St. Louis University
Fields: Rhetoric, Social Justice, Composition Studies, Writing Across the Curriculum, Professional Writing, 19th Century American Literature, Humor Studies Literature
Email: lbrittsm@holycross.edu Phone: (508) 793-3681
Office: Dinand 210
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professor steven desimone


Steven DeSimone

Assistant Professor, Accounting
BES Team Member
Email: sdesimon@holycross.edu
Office: Stein 539  Phone: 508-793-3593
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professor matthew eggemeier


Matthew T. Eggemeier

Associate Professor, Religious Studies
Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
Fields: modern and contemporary Christian theologies; political and liberation theologies; postmodern theology
Email: meggemei@holycross.edu 
Office: Fenwick 204 Phone: 508-793-3948
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close up picture of a woman with blond hair, wearing glasses smiling at the camera


Jennie Germann Molz

Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
Ph.D., Lancaster University
Fields: mobilities, cosmopolitanism, globalization, technology, travel and tourism, educational travel, critical hospitality studies
Office: Beaven 215 Phone: (508) 793-3596
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professor ruggeri


Eric Ruggieri

Assistant Professor, Mathematics/Computer Science
BES Team Member
Email: eruggier@holycross.edu
Office: Swords 325 Phone: 508-793-2400
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man smiling at the camera wearing a dark blue shirt with plants behind him


Ed Soares

Associate Professor
Department Chair, Mathematics and Computer Science
Statistics Minor Coordinator
Ph.D., University of Arizona, M.S., University of Rhode Island, B.A., Providence College
Fields: Medical Image Processing and Analysis, Multivariate Statistical Decision and Estimation Theory, Translational Medicine and Drug Discovery, Chemometric Analysis of GC-MS
Office: Haberlin 306 Phone: (508) 793-3368
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father stempsey

William E. Stempsey S.J.

Professor, Philosophy
M.D., State University of New York, Buffalo, Ph.D., Georgetown University
Fields: philosophy of medicine, medical ethics, moral philosophy
Office: Smith 521 Phone: (508) 793 2469
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Theresa Michniewicz
Administrator for Budgets & Operations,
Center for Interdisciplinary Studies
Email: tmichnie@holycross.edu 
Office: Smith 328 Phone: 508-793 2497