Peer Assisted Learning

Peer Assisted Learning is a series of free, collaborative twice-weekly review sessions open to all students enrolled in CHEM 181: Atoms & Molecules.

The sessions are led by Peer Assistance Leaders (PALs), strong chemistry students who have previously taken and succeeded in the course. Your PAL will help answer your questions about course material and challenge you to work with other students to practice learning strategies designed to help you succeed in chemistry. Learn more about the program.

Departmental Honors

To graduate with department honors, a student must complete the courses required for ACS certification, obtain a minimum GPA of 3.40 in CHEM courses as reported by the Registrar, take two additional courses (which may include research courses), perform a significant quantity and quality of research as determined by the research advisor (or department chair for off-campus projects), and complete an acceptable honors-level capstone written project based on the research.

Student Advisory Committee

The Student Advisory Committee (SAC) administers course evaluation forms to every chemistry course at the end of each semester. Members of the SAC are elected by all chemistry majors in the spring of each year. In addition to the course evaluation forms, SAC officers help in the evaluation process of faculty in terms of appointment, tenure or promotion.​

Teacher Education Program

Students in the Teacher Education Program will meet all chemistry requirements for certification as a secondary or middle school chemistry teacher in Massachusetts (MA Chemistry License), with successful completion of the chemistry major plus one course/project in the history and philosophy of science (e.g., PHIL 271). Students should select a course in biochemistry as one of their electives. Formal application to the Teacher Education Program (TEP) and additional education courses are also required for licensure. Since Massachusetts’ teacher certification requirements continue to evolve, students should work closely with the chemistry department TEP liaison to make sure all state requirements are met.