Speakers connect their Jesuit liberal arts education to original thinking in their professional experience through engaging presentations to guide students to own the value they add to the workplace.

Audience listening to a speaker on stage

The Ciocca Center offers the Holy Cross community an opportunity to highlight the relevance of a liberal arts education in the 21st century to the domain of business, including Jesuit principles.  These talks act as a guide to encourage students to major in what they are passionate about as they explore their unique path to success.

Modeled after the popular TED Talks, speakers give provocative and engaging presentations in ~15 minutes to a live audience. Speakers are prompted to share how something they learned during their time on The Hill gave rise to original thinking that helped them to succeed in the business world.

CrossTalks Episodes

Julie Halpin Anderson ’84 on CrossTalks
Episode 1: Julie Halpin Anderson ’84

Julie Halpin Anderson ’84, a French major at Holy Cross, is a brand builder, leadership coach, and creativity accelerator, known as one of the industry’s most recognized and well-respected experts on brand strategy and creative expression.

Francine Rosado Cruz ’94 on CrossTalks
Episode 2: Francine Rosado Cruz ’94

Francine Rosado Cruz ’94, an English major at Holy Cross, is an HR strategist, consultant, and executive coach, considered to be a thought leader, influencer, and subject matter expert on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB). 

Carolyn Risoli ’86 on CrossTalks
Episode 3: Carolyn Risoli ’86

Carolyn Risoli ’86, a history major at Holy Cross, is a fashion and luxury industry executive with over 30 years of experience. She is a seasoned veteran and pioneer who has helped top brands grow their global reach across price points. 

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Your education and industry experience are prime examples of the positive correlations that exist between the skills learned at Holy Cross and your unique and innovative contribution to your industry. By making this connection, we can collectively guide students and employers alike to see the value a liberal arts education adds to the workplace.

Talks are offered annually and presented as part of a larger campus event.  The audience often includes alumni, parents, students, faculty and staff.  Sessions are recorded.

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