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Transfer of Credit

Transfer Courses

Courses taken by current Holy Cross students at other colleges and universities may be accepted in transfer: 1) if they satisfy degree requirements, that is, if they are used to remove deficiencies or to fulfill major or common requirements; or 2) if they satisfy requirements for College-sponsored academic programs, that is, if they satisfy requirements for minors, concentrations, or the premedical program.

Distance learning courses (correspondence and internet courses) are not transferable.

In addition, College policy stipulates the following:

1. Courses taken at other institutions by students currently matriculating at Holy Cross may not be used to advance class standing.
2. Transfer courses must be approved by the Class Dean. The appropriate Department Chair must approve courses to satisfy requirements for majors, minors, and concentrations.
3. Only grades of C or better, earned in courses taken at an accredited institution, will be accepted by the College.
4. Transfer courses must carry the equivalent of at least three semester hours of credit.

Students who anticipate taking courses elsewhere for credit must obtain a Permit to Attend another Institution from the Registrar or Class Dean.

Transfer Students

Holy Cross will accept a maximum of four full semesters of credit for students who transfer to Holy Cross from other colleges or universities. To earn a Holy Cross degree, students are expected to complete a minimum of four full semesters (and 16 letter-graded courses) at Holy Cross or in a Holy Cross program. These four semesters must include the two of senior year.

Students who transfer to Holy Cross with fewer than three full-time semesters but who have received credit for four (or eight) college-level courses taken prior to matriculation as a college student may request early graduation. These credits may be a combination of transfer, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate credit, but must include at least one college course. A request for early graduation should be based on the following supportive grounds:

1. Evidence of serious consideration as to the desirability of an accelerated degree program and the counsel and encouragement of a faculty advisor and the Class Dean in planning the scope and the sequence of future coursework;
2. A distinguished record of academic achievement during the first year at Holy Cross.

Requests for an accelerated-degree program must be submitted during that first year. Final approval will not be granted until after the completion of the first year. Students should submit requests to the Class Dean. A final decision in the matter of early graduation rests with the Dean of the College.

Please see the current College Catalog for more information.