Proper Mailing Procedures

For the most efficient means of your mail coming to the College, please use the following format:

Student Name - HC BOX ####
College of the Holy Cross
1 College Street
Worcester, MA 01610-2395

Improperly Addressed Mail

Improperly addressed mail causes additional handling, delays and misdeliveries.

Mail without the correct student box will be returned to the sender as "undeliverable as addressed."

If the mail does not include "College of the Holy Cross", the United States Postal Service may deliver it to another college located in Worcester with the same zip code as Holy Cross, or to the USPS box section in Worcester.

We understand that there will be situations in which a piece of mail may not bear the correct information. When this situation occurs, the Holy Cross Post Office will make every attempt to deliver the letter whenever possible.

This situation should not occur on items such as bank statements, telephone bills, monthly charge bills or magazine subscriptions. Thank you for your cooperation.