Work Orders

EMERGENCY, SECURITY OR SAFETY RELATED ISSUES requiring physical plant services should be reported by faculty, staff or administrators as follows:

  • During normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm), please call our WORK CONTROL OFFICE at X2263.
  • After-hours emergencies should be reported to the Public Safety Department at X2222.
  • Students should report problems to their Resident Assistant (R.A.), Complex Director (C.D.) or the Dean of Students Office during normal business hours.
  • After hours emergencies should be reported to the R.A., C.D. or Public Safety Office in the event the R.A. or C.D. cannot be reached.


CAMPUS INFRASTRUCTURE (i.e.: buildings, grounds, utilities)

  • Non-emergency nature should be reported by faculty, staff or administrators by calling our WORK CONTROL OFFICE at X2263. During normal working hours your call will be answered by Work Control personnel who will generate any necessary work orders pertaining to your call.
  • You may also report non-emergency situations after hours by leaving a message on Work Control voice mail at the same extension, or by sending e-mail message to: If you choose to leave an after hours message or send an e-mail, please be sure to provide specifics with regards to location and nature of the problem.


DEPARTMENTAL WORK REQUESTS(i.e.: furniture relocation, key duplication, event set-up/support, mounting of department purchased items such as bulletin boards, etc.)

  • Non-emergency nature should be requested by faculty, staff or administrators by submitting a written PHYSICAL PLANT WORK REQUEST form. These forms are available from the Work Control Office (X2263). To expedite your request, please ensure all necessary information is included (please see "How to Fill Out A Physical Plant Work Request form" ).
  • For the request to be processed it is imperative that the request be signed by the Department Head OR person authorized to sign on the departmental budget number provided on the form.
  • Due to the sensitivity of requests for key duplications or lock changes, requests of that nature must be signed by the Department Head. No other signature can be accepted by Physical Plant.
  • For further details, please see our Key Duplication and Lock Change Policies. Work Request forms can be submitted to Physical Plant either through campus mail (PO Box Main) or by FAX (793-2701).
  • If you have departmental work to request of an emergency nature, please call the Work Control Office at X2263. Work Control personnel will generate the request for you but will require a confirming written request so we have proper authorization signatures for our records.



  • Maintenance services consist of routine work performed to maintain the campus buildings (including permanent fixtures and equipment designated as part of a building), grounds and utility systems. Regular maintenance services are performed at no cost to College departments.
  • Materials used for requests that fall beyond the scope of regular maintenance are generally paid for by the department generating the request.
  • If a piece of equipment is not part of a building system that the Physical Plant Department has full operating control of, then regardless of whether it was installed during construction or added at a later date, it is generally the responsibility of the department that controls the equipment to fund its maintenance, repair or replacement.
  • If we do not provide a particular service, we will, in conjunction with the Purchasing Department, try to assist College departments in locating a suitable outside contractor or vendor to perform the work.