Tips for Parents

We know that purposeful parental engagement can strengthen the student experience and promote academic achievement, exploration, individualization and adult independence. As such, the College seeks to partner with parents and families as we all work toward supporting this development and student success.

Supporting Your Student

At Holy Cross students are challenged to explore and discover their interests, gifts, talents and beliefs. As emerging adults, we hope your student is progressively taking steps to develop greater confidence and self-authorship as they make decisions regarding their academic and cocurricular pursuits and involvements.

As you navigate how to best support your student through College, please consider the following strategies:

Encourage self-authorship

Let your student take the lead and drive their educational, personal and career journeys. Don’t jump to solve challenges for them; rather, allow them some time to think and talk through the challenge, and suggest resources that may help them.

Seek to Understand

Ask your student purposeful questions (see conversation starter suggestions below) to better understand their college experience and to discover emerging interests, passions and involvements.

Promote Exploration

Encourage your student to explore and take risks in academic, experiential, and cocurricular pursuits.

Stay Connected

Stay connected to happenings at the institution: Check your email, read the Holy Cross Monthly newsletter and Holy Cross Magazine, follow College social media and attend programs. Make sure you have completed the Family Information Form to ensure you receive communications from the College.

Raise Concerns

If you have a concern about your student’s well-being, please be in touch with us.

Conversation Starters

As your student navigates their journey into and through Holy Cross, you can expect your role and conversations with them to evolve and change. Each year comes with new opportunities and challenges. Consider using these conversation starters as potential ways to discover more about your student’s experience and to consider how you can offer them support. Conversation starters will be updated a few times throughout the year, so be sure to revisit this page.

  • What goals have you set for yourself this semester academically and personally?
  • What has happened to the friendships that you formed last year at Holy Cross, abroad, or in high school? What relationships do you find yourself gravitating toward now? 
  • How are your friends at Holy Cross similar and different from you? Are you “going with the crowd”? Are you able to be yourself with them? 
  • What communities are you finding yourself a part of?
  • What assignment have you found yourself most challenged by and why? 
  • Tell me about your favorite course this semester. What do you enjoy the most about it? 
  • What experiences outside of your courses do you find energizing?


Students having lunch outside
Student Opportunities

Students are provided with a wide breadth of opportunities outside of the classroom that support what they are learning in the classroom. Encourage your students to explore during their time at Holy Cross. Here are some offices that can help support your students' exploration and discovery.