Parent and Family Engagement


The Office of Parent and Family Engagement is thrilled to coordinate a variety of opportunities for you to engage with your student and the life of the College by offering on-campus events, communications and connections to campus resources.

As students navigate their developing identity and explore interests, they will benefit from your engagement in their Holy Cross experience. We hope to offer you information, resources and support that enable you to effectively engage with and support your student.

We value the relationship with parents and families and we are eager to get to know you and how we may support your student and family throughout your Holy Cross experience. We hope this website provides a helpful starting point for key information and resources. Should you need further assistance or are looking to get further involved in the Holy Cross community, please be in touch.

Welcome to the Holy Cross community!

cathleen Dolane

Cathleen Doane Cannon
Director of the Office of Parent and Family Engagement

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The Office of Parent and Family Engagement recognizes families as important influencers in students' lives and achievement. Students drive their Holy Cross education, but family involvement can be an important factor as they navigate emerging adulthood. We seek to engage, educate and inform parents and families so they can offer appropriate support to their developing student(s). We are committed to fostering relationships between parents and the College as we work toward the shared goal of promoting student learning, well-being, holistic development and success.

What We Do

  • Provide information and resources to families to encourage and assist conversations with their students, as they navigate decision making and emerging adulthood.
  • Serve as a point of contact should parents and families have questions or concerns.
  • Cultivate parent and family understanding of the College mission and the responsibilities and expectations the College has of students.
  • Encourage parent and family engagement in the College community through events, publications and programs.
  • Acknowledge and educate the campus community on the diverse backgrounds and needs of varying student and family populations.
  • Purposefully connect with parents and families around key transitional periods and milestones including entering college, semester transitions and Commencement.
  • Recognize all parents and families as important extensions of the Holy Cross community.
  • Collaborate with administrators, faculty and staff across campus to ensure purposeful communication and engagement with families.
Spring Fenwick Hall

From The Hill to You Series

“From The Hill to You” is a webinar/podcast series designed specifically for parents and families. Throughout the year sessions will be made available on a variety of topics with the goal of providing information and highlights from life on The Hill to help families support their students.


Stressed student facing laptop and winter image of Fenwick Hall

Episode 1 - "From The Hill to You: Student Mental Health"

This episode aired Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2022. As the school year, pandemic, and various other challenges continue on, the mental health of our students is at the forefront of our minds here at HC. Join representatives from the Counseling Center and the Office of the College Chaplains to learn more about current mental health concerns, important resources on campus and how you can help support your student through times of stress. View the recording.

Headshots of presenters with campus scenic image in the background.

Episode 2 - "From The Hill to You: How Students Can Use Their Summer Effectively"

Host, Cathleen Doane Cannon, is joined by the Center for Career Development for a podcast focused on students' career exploration and vocational discernment. Regardless of your students’ summer plans or class year there are some strategic things they can do this summer to drive their career exploration journey. Listen to the podcast on soundcloud. 

Access a transcription of the podcast.