Office of the Science Coordinator

Through the Office of the Science Coordinator, Holy Cross offers students opportunities to perform faculty-directed research in various facets of biology, chemistry, mathematics and computer science, physics, or psychology. The Weiss Summer Research Program provides students with a unique opportunity to make a significant contribution to original research, working closely with a member of the faculty as a member of a team in a lab that uses cutting-edge techniques.

The Summer Research program is often cited by alumni as one of the most valuable experiences of their college careers — and one that offered them graduate-level opportunities that give them distinct advantages in their post-graduate academic and professional careers. Students in the program work with an individual faculty member on a multi-week summer research project.

At the annual poster session on campus in early September, student researchers present to the Holy Cross community the results of their work. In many cases, students may also be invited to present their findings at one of the scientific meetings held across the country. Students may also earn a coveted co-authorship in a professional peer-reviewed scientific publication.

The summer science research program includes a competitive application process, and accepted students in the natural sciences become an integral part of a faculty member’s existing research work. Applications for summer research positions are typically due at the end of February, and those students who are accepted receive a stipend and funds to purchase research supplies, as well as room and board. A portion of the travel expenses for those presenting at scientific meetings is also covered.

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