On the Conflict in Israel and Gaza

Dear Members of the Holy Cross Community, 

At this time of respite over fall break, we watch in sorrow as horrific violence against Israeli civilians by Hamas erupts into devastating warfare in Israel and Gaza. We join many in our community who are grieving, fearful and outraged, and we condemn this loss of life and brutal destruction caused by the unprecedented terrorist attacks on Israel this past weekend. 

Holy Cross is a Jesuit and Catholic institution, and home to many people with deep connections to the Holy Land, which includes Israel and Gaza. Even for those without a personal tie to this region, our engaged learning community has long demonstrated advocacy, care and commitment to a peaceful and just future for Israelis and Palestinians. This region is the cradle of our Abrahamic religious traditions, which call on us to uphold and celebrate the dignity and value of every human being. We ask our community members to continue to demonstrate these compassionate values as we grapple with this fast-changing conflict and its painful impacts. 

We invite you to join us on the Hoval next Tuesday, October 17, at 3:30 p.m. for an interfaith prayer service for peace, in community with our returning students, faculty and staff. This service, sponsored by our student chapter of Pax Christi and the Chaplains’ Office, will provide much-needed space to offer and receive support and begin to put our faith into action, together. If there is anyone impacted by the ongoing violence in the region who you would like us to lift up in prayer by name, please share names and intentions here in advance of the interfaith service.

In addition, our colleagues in Counseling & Psychological Services are available to students seeking support by calling here for appointments and here for on-call crisis counseling. The Employee Assistance Program is available to faculty and staff in need of support. The Office of the College Chaplains offers support and community space for all campus members in Campion House. 


Vincent D. Rougeau