Requirements of the College Honors Program

  1. Students joining the program as sophomores must take the spring sophomore seminar in the year of their acceptance. In either the junior or senior year, they must take one additional honors seminar. Ordinarily, two of these upper-level seminars are offered in the fall and one in the spring. Students entering as juniors take two upper-level seminars. 
  2. All CHP students must register for and participate in the Honors Colloquium during every semester in which they are on campus (i.e. not on study abroad or away). The colloquium focuses on advanced academic skills such as public speaking, working with library resources, and writing. The colloquium is graded pass/no pass, and does not count as one of the regular four courses taken each semester. It meets on Tuesday evenings; students should reserve 6:30–9pm in their schedules.
  3. By the end of the junior year, CHP students will have completed a thesis prospectus approved by a faculty advisor. 
  4. The culminating requirement for the program is the senior thesis, which is planned and carried out by the student with supervision and guidance from one or more faculty advisors. Students register for two semesters of thesis writing (one fall, one spring), which count as two courses. Thesis writers will also present their work annually at the Academic Conference, but this component cannot replace the written project. Theses must receive a grade of B or higher to fulfill the requirements for graduating with Honors. 
  5. Honors students must maintain a high level of academic achievement.
  6. Each requirement must be completed to a satisfactory degree. Admission to CHP does not guarantee graduation with honors.