Honors Information

The College Honors Program draws together talented students from across the entire College curriculum to create a vibrant intellectual community that fosters personal growth through interaction with other highly motivated students.

A quote from the 2006 Class Valedictorian, Timothy O’Brien, speaks most eloquently about the value of the College Honors Program.

"Participating in the College Honors Program was the single-most stimulating experience of my career at Holy Cross.  The Program added a breadth and depth to my curriculum of study at the College that I would not have had elsewhere.  The questions stimulated by the seminars, as well as the thesis component, around in me a passion for what we might call the “really big questions” that Holy Cross seeks to answer.  The program provided a first rate opportunity to interact with some of the best minds (faculty and students alike) on Mt. St. James.  The research opportunities and support were simply unparalleled.  The high (but fair) expectations pushed me to work at a level I never knew I could.  As a person considering a career as an academic, the program offered ample and invaluable opportunities to discuss my work publicly, and answers questions and criticisms honestly."

"Without question, though, the most valuable aspect of the program is the intellectual and social community that is formed among its participants.  I cannot say enough about this.  The value of having students from across disciplines come together on a regular basis is, in my view, immeasurable.  The interdisciplinary conversations about the biggest questions we face lies at the heart of what it means to pursue a “liberal” education.  I learned so much form my fellow program participants, partly because we all brought varying perspectives to the same questions.  Whatever the future of honors programs at Holy Cross, they must resist the snare of compartmentalization, and include this type of broad exchange among departments.  Finally, the social dynamic that grew between those of us in the program was terrific.  We often socialized (safely and healthfully, I should add) outside of the program, and many of my closest friends at the Cross are also now alums of College Honors.  I cannot think of a better way to have challenged myself at Holy Cross."