Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of student are you looking for?

Students who might find the program especially rewarding are motivated not only to learn a field or discipline, but also to make a contribution to it. They enjoy working independently, but also appreciate the necessity of conversation with others. They bring a sense of curiosity to their studies, and are willing to try new approaches when challenges arise. They are flexible and resilient in their thinking. Of course, there are many other qualities that make for successful honors students too, and the program welcomes thinkers of all kinds. 

Can I do Study Abroad, Study Away, the Washington Internship Program, or the New York Semester Program?

Yes.  In fact, students who do College Honors are extremely well represented in these programs, all of which foster intellectual maturation and independence.  You will have to plan to fulfill the requirements listed above.

Can I do Pre-Med, a double major, an interdisciplinary major, a major and a minor, and still do College Honors?

Yes.  Before you decide to apply, write out precisely what your requirements are.  Seeing the reality of your schedule is extremely helpful in making an informed decision.

Does my thesis count toward my major?

Usually it does, but not necessarily.  You should check with you department chair, especially if you are writing an interdisciplinary thesis.

Do seminars count toward Common Area Requirements?

Sometimes they do, but sometimes they do not.  Individual professors make decisions about this matter, since it depends on the nature of the course.

May I take Honors courses Pass/Fail?


How Do I Get Invited to Apply to College Honors?

Faculty are asked to nominate rising sophomores (and a handful of rising juniors) to apply. Ideally, these nominations will not be solicited but will reflect each faculty member’s authentic sense of the most impressive first-year students they taught in any given year. (Faculty are asked to identify when students have solicited nominations from them.) In addition, all students with a GPA of 3.7 or higher at the end of their first year are invited to apply.