Holy Cross Location


Located in central Massachusetts, Worcester is the second largest city in New England.  Home to Holy Cross, the city offers a wealth of education, arts and culture, as well as convenient access to exciting attractions in four other major cities - Boston, Providence, Hartford and Springfield - all within one hour; New York City is less than three hours from campus.  Quality skiing, snow boarding, hiking and a variety of other outdoor activities are also nearby within an hour or two in New Hampshire and Vermont.

Following are driving distances from Worcester to some of the Northeast’s major destinations:

City, State     Distance (kilometers/ miles)
Albany, New York     165.6 kilometers (103 miles)
Boston, Massachusetts      61.8 kilometers  (38 miles)
Burlington, Vermont      270.4 kilometers  (168 miles)
Cape Cod, Massachusetts      112.6 kilometers  (70 miles)
Concord, New Hampshire     106.8 kilometers  (66 miles)
Hartford, Connecticut     90.8 kilometers  (56 miles)
Newport, Rhode Island     96 kilometers  (60  miles)
New York City, New York     252 kilometers (157 miles)
Portland, Maine      198.8 kilometers  (124 miles)
Providence, Rhode Island    58.5 kilometers  (36 miles)
Washington, D.C.    578.1 kilometers  (359 miles)
For more information on Worcester, please see our Worcester and New England website.


Worcester’s central New England location makes it easy to get to Holy Cross, whether you fly into Logan International Airport in BostonBradley International Airport near Hartford, Connecticut, or T.F. Green Airport near Providence, Rhode Island. All three airports are less than an hour’s drive to Holy Cross. Limousine, taxi, and rental car services are available to transport you from all three of these major airports to Holy Cross.

Amtrak provides train service to and from Union Station in downtown Worcester, just a five-minute drive to the Holy Cross campus. Union Station is also a hub for Greyhound and Peter Pan bus lines.

For driving directions to Holy Cross, as well as Web site links to the major airports, Amtrak train, bus lines, limousine and taxi services, please see our directions page.



Upon arrival at Holy Cross to begin the school year, students will experience the comfortable temperatures of late New England summer, typically ranging from 15-25 degrees Celsius (59 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit).


With the cooler temperatures of autumn ranging from -2.8–15.6 Celsius (27 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit) comes the colorful foliage season, which Holy Cross captures in all its splendor from our hilltop vantage point.


Winter temperatures typically range from -5–1.1 Celsius  (23 to 34 degrees Fahrenheit), and bring an average snowfall of about 172.7 centimeters (68 inches) per year.


Spring delivers warmer temperatures and the full range of New England weather, on occasion changing quickly from snow and sleet to rain or sunshine. Temperatures range from 1.1–17.8 Celsius  (34 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit). While the Worcester climate requires a full range of apparel, the variety of seasons and weather is considered part of the charm of life in New England.

For more information on Worcester’s climate and precipitation, please visit cityrating.com