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Faculty & Staff


Susan Amatangelo


Department Chair, World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Professor, Italian Studies

Ph.D., Harvard University
Fields:  Modern Italian Literature, Giovanni Verga, Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
Office: Stein 404    Phone: 508-793-3347
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Ibrahim Abdessalam 

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Program Coordinator, Arabic Studies
Lecturer of Arabic

M. A. American University, Cairo, Egypt
Fields: Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language, Corpus Linguistics, Translation 
Office: Stein 429   Phone: 508-793-3042
Office hours: Monday/Wednesday 12:00-2:00 and By Appointment.
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Ji Hao


Coordinator of Chinese Studies 
Associate Professor, Chinese Studies

Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Fields: Premodern Chinese Literature 
Office: Stein 427     Phone: 508-793-2608
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Jingjing Cai

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Visiting Assistant Professor, Chinese Studies
Office: Stein 426  Phone: 508-793-2299




Yu-Jung Lin

Assistant Professor, Chinese Studies
Ph.D., Indiana University Bloomington
Fields: Phonology and phonetics (syllable structure, tones, rhythm), Psycholinguistics (the influence of orthography on sound processing), Second language acquisition
(tense and lax vowel distinction by L1 and L2 learners, diphthong production and perception by L1 and L2 learners)
Office: Stein 426     
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Claudia N. Ross


Professor, Chinese Studies
Ph.D., University of Michigan
Fields: Linguistics (lexical and semantic structure), Chinese language pedagogy
Office: Stein 442     Phone: 508-793-3335
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Deaf Studies and Sign Languages

Stephanie Clark

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Program Coordinator, Deaf Studies and Sign Languages
Lecturer, Deaf Studies and Sign Languages
Office: Stein 444      Phone: 508-793-2237   






Ying Li

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Lecturer, Deaf Studies and Sign Languages
Office: Stein 444    Phone: 508-762-1171





French & Francophone Studies

 Mary Ann Coppolino

Visiting Lecturer, French & Francophone Studies





Jean Ouédraogo


Eleanor Howard O’Leary Chair in French & Francophone Studies
Program Coordinator, French & Francophone Studies
Ph.D., University of Georgia-Athens
Fields: African and Caribbean Francophone Literatures and Cultures
Office: Stein 443     Phone: 508-793-2795
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Adele Parker

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Visiting Lecturer, French & Francophone Studies
Coordinator, French Language Sequence

Ph.D., Brown University
Fields: French Literature and Culture, Language 
Office: Stein 415 Phone: 508-793-2457




Kathleen Suchenski

Visiting Lecturer, French & Francophone Studies






Thibaut Schilt


Associate Professor, French & Francophone Studies
On Leave 2020-2021

Ph.D., Ohio State University
Fields: French Cinema, Contemporary French Literature and Culture, Gender Studies 
Office: Stein 413    Phone: 508-793-2609
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Sylvia M. Schmitz-Burgard


Associate Professor, German Studies
Ph.D., University of Virginia
Fields: 20th-, 19th-, and 18th-Century German Literature and Culture, Austrian Cultural History, 18th-Century European Novel, Women Writers, Law and Literature, Contemporary Literary Theory 
Office: Stein 461     Phone: 508-793-3305
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Daniel Armenti

Visiting Lecturer, Italian Studies
Office: Stein 453      Phone: 508-793-3438   






Giusy Di Filippo

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Visiting Assistant Professor, Italian Studies
Office: Stein 453   Phone: 508-793-3438






Giovanni Spani


Program Coordinator, Italian Studies
Coordinator, Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Associate Professor, Italian Studies 
Pedagogical Coordinator

Ph.D., Indiana University
Fields: Medieval & Renaissance Italian Literature 
Office: Stein 452    Phone: 508-793-3834
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Amy Singleton Adams

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Professor, Russian Studies
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Madison
Fields: Russian Language, Literature, and Culture 
Office: Stein 454     Phone: 508-793-2543
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Olga S. Partan


Associate Professor, Russian Studies
Ph.D., Brown University
Fields: Russian Language, Literature, and Culture 
Office: Stein 457      Phone: 508-793-3832
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Carolyn Leeman

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Academic Administrative Assistant 
Office: Stein 401 Phone: (508) 793-2447




Faculty Emeriti

Charlie Baker

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Associate Professor Emeritus





Baozhang He


    Associate Professor Emeritus