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Faculty & Staff


Susan Amatangelo


Department Chair, Professor, Italian
Ph.D., Harvard University
Fields: 19th- and 20th-century Italian literature, Giovanni Verga, Italian women writers, and the representation of women in literature
Office:   Stein 404    Phone:  508-793-3347
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Ibrahim Abdessalam 

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Lecturer of Arabic
Program Coordinator, Arabic

M. A. American University, Cairo, Egypt
Fields: Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language, Corpus Linguistics, Translation 
Office:  Stein 429   Phone: 508-793-3042
Office hours: Monday/Wednesday 12:00-2:00 and By Appointment.
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Ji Hao


Associate Professor, Chinese
Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Fields: Chinese language and literature 
Office:  Stein 427     Phone:   508-793-2608
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Jingjing Cai

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Visiting Assistant Professor, Chinese
 Stein 426  Phone: 508-793-2299




Claudia N. Ross


Professor, Chinese 
Ph.D., University of Michigan
Fields: Linguistics (lexical and semantic structure), Chinese language pedagogy
Office:  Stein 442     Phone:  508-793-3335
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Deaf Studies and Sign Languages

Stephanie Clark

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Program Coordinator, Deaf Studies and Sign Languages, Lecturer
Office: Stein 444  






Ying Li

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Lecturer, Deaf Studies
Office: Stein 444    Phone:  508-762-1171








Laurence Enjolras

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Associate Professor, French
Ph.D., Brown University
Fields: 20th - 21st Century French Literature, French Women Writers, Contemporary French Culture and Film
Office:   Stein 415       Phone:  508-793-2457
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Jean Ouedraogo


Eleanor Howard O’Leary Chair in French/Francophonic Culture, Professor
Ph.D., University of Georgia-Athens
Fields: African and Caribbean Francophone Literatures and Cultures
Office:   Stein 443     Phone:  508-793-2795
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Adele E. Parker

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Visiting Lecturer, French
Ph.D., Brown University
Fields: French, Methodology, language 
Office: Stein 445   Phone: 508-793-3309





Thibaut Schilt


Associate Professor, French
On Leave 2020-2021

Ph.D., The Ohio State University
Fields: French Cinema, Contemporary French Literature and Culture, Gender Studies 
Office:  Stein 413    Phone:  508-793-2609
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Sylvia M. Schmitz-Burgard


Associate Professor, German
Ph.D., University of Virginia
Fields: 20th-, 19th-, and 18th-Century German Literature and Culture, Austrian Cultural History, 18th-Century European Novel, Women Writers, Law and Literature, Contemporary Literary Theory 
Office:   Stein 461     Phone:  508-793-3305
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Daniel Armenti

Visiting Lecturer, Italian
Office: Stein 453      Phone: 508-793-3438   






Giusy Di Filippo

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Visiting Assistant Professor, Italian
Stein 453   Phone: 508-793-3438






Giovanni Spani


Associate Professor, Italian
Ph.D., Indiana University
Fields: Medieval & Renaissance Italian Literature 
Office:  Stein 452    Phone:  508-793-3834
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Amy Singleton Adams

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Professor, Russian
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Madison
Fields: Russian Language, Literature, and Culture 
Office:   Stein 454     Phone:   508-793-2543
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Olga S. Partan


Associate Professor, Russian
Ph.D., Brown University
Fields: Russian Language, Literature, and Culture 
Office:   Stein 457      Phone:  508-793-3832
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Carolyn Leeman

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Academic Administrative Assistant 
Office: Stein 401 Phone: (508) 793-2447




Faculty Emeriti

Charlie Baker

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Associate Professor Emeritus





Baozhang He


    Associate Professor Emeritus