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Courses and capstone project:

  • To satisfy the requirement of the Studies in World Literatures major, students take a minimum of ten and a maximum of fourteen approved courses within the program. Because the STWL major emphasizes the points of connection among two or more traditions, students should select courses from a variety of programs and departments.

  • Two STWL designated course in literary or film studies. Students are encouraged to take these courses as soon as possible after declaring the major.

  • Five approved courses on the intermediate or advanced levels distributed as follows: two courses in the category of survey/theme; two courses in the category of genre/author; one course on the theory or philosophy of literature.

  • Three approved electives in their area of interest.

    • In conjunction with a Senior Tutorial, students must also complete a capstone project in the form of an expository paper that is comparative in nature, focusing on either literature or film. [Minimum: 15 pages/Maximum 20 pages]

  • Up to two literature or film courses from a non-MLL Holy Cross department or an approved study abroad program may be counted toward the STWL major. 


For advising, please contact Professor Amy Singleton-Adams