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Studies in World Literatures

Studies in World Literatures: Major 

From the extravagant gatherings of Russian aristocracy to the post-colonial shores of the Caribbean, students in the Studies and World Literatures program explore the world and its cultures through the narratives of its peoples. The program is guided by the idea that literature is a universal phenomenon whose themes, forms, and movements transcend national, linguistic and historical boundaries.

Through a wide variety of courses, Studies in World Literatures (STWL) majors explore the human experience through reading, analyzing and comparing texts of varying national and cultural literary traditions. Students engage with topics that not only transcend cultural boundaries, but also disciplinary boundaries, as they are encouraged to explore the relationship between literature and other areas of study, such as religious studies, history, and political science. Students may also choose to study narratives through the medium of film, which the program regards as a visual text and art form. Students particularly interested in cinema studies may choose film as their focus within the STWL major. While studying the humanistic unity of literary expression, along with the unique codes and biases of different cultures, students can broaden their global perspectives even further through one of the many study abroad opportunities offered at Holy Cross.

Program Highlights

In addition to the diverse courses accepted by the program that are offered through other departments, majors in Studies in World Literatures take intermediate and advanced level courses categorized by survey, theme, genre, author, philosophical or literary theory. Some frequently offered courses include: 
  • Coming-of-Age: Writing Women in the 20th Century
  • Introduction to Post-Colonial Discourses
  • Introduction to French Cinema
  • Fairytale: Russia and the World
  • Exile and Cultural Production in Africa and the Caribbean