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Jeffrey C. Dixon

Sociology and Anthropology

Associate Professor 
Ph.D., Indiana University


Fields: political sociology, race and ethnicity, research methods, the EU and Turkey, and social stratification

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Office Phone: 508-793-3474
Office: Beaven 224
PO Box: 220A
Office Hours: MW 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM



Born and bred in good ole’ Dayton, Ohio, Jeff Dixon received his PhD in Sociology from Indiana University, with a minor in research/quantitative methods, and also holds a BS in Secondary Education from Wright State University. His previous research has appeared in such journals as Social Forces, Public Opinion Quarterly, British Journal of Sociology, International Migration Review, Social Science Quarterly, The Journal of Political and Military Sociology, and Teaching Sociology. His current research examines public opinion toward European Union (EU) enlargement, job insecurity, and liberal-democratic values in the EU and Turkey. As an associate professor at the College of the Holy Cross, Dixon teaches seminars on the European Union and Turkey, as well as courses such as sociological perspectives, social class and power, and methods of social research/logics of inquiry.  "With Royce A. Singleton, Jr., Dixon co-edited a collection of methods readings, entitled, Reading Social Research: Studies in Inequalities and Deviance.  With Royce A. Singleton, Jr. and Bruce C. Straits, Dixon recently co-authored a research methods textbook, entitled The Process of Social Research.