Todd Lewis


Religious Studies Department

Distinguished Professor of Arts and Humanities
Ph.D., Columbia University

Fields: Buddhism, Hinduism, East Asian religions, anthropology of religions, modernization, ecology and religion 

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Office Phone: 508-793-3436
Office: Smith 425
PO Box: 139A
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Spring 2019 
Buddhism- RELS 106-3

Fall 2019 
Buddhism in the Himalayas and Tibet

Fall 2017 
Ancient and Medieval Hinduism
Ecology and Religion

Spring 2018
RELS 399: New Seminar - Pilgrimage and Religious Traditions
Gardens and World Religions
Professor Lewis will co-curate Exhibition at the Holy Cross Cantor Gallery:
"Dharma and Puṇya: Buddhist Ritual Art of Nepal”

The Epic of the Buddha: His Life and Teachings
Epic Buddha

The Epic of the Buddha: His Life and Teachings

For this new edition of the English translation, the translators improved the beauty and flow of most every line. The translation is also supplemented with a series of short essays by Todd Lewis., one of the translators, that articulates how Hṛdaya incorporated his own Newar cultural traditions in order to connect his readership with the immediacy and relevancy of the Buddha’s life and at the same time express his views on political issues, ethical principles, literary life, gender discrimination, economic policy, and social reform.