Faculty & Staff


Mark Hallahan

Associate Professor
Chair, Department of Psychology

Ph.D., Harvard University
Fields: Social psychology, person perception, impression formation, causal attribution
Office: Beaven 328 PO Box 164A Phone: (508) 793-2279
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Florencia Anggoro

faculty member with floral dress standing in front of brown doors with her arms crossed and smiling

Ph.D., Northwestern University
Fields: Language and conceptual development; science learning; relational thinking; culture and cognition
Email: fanggoro@holycross.edu 
Office: Beaven 323 PO Box: 224A Phone: (508) 793-2748
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Alo C. Basu

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Harvard University
Fields: Neurobiology of learning and memory, stress-related neuroplasticity, genetic and environmental risk factors for neuropsychiatric disorders
Office: Beaven 403A PO Box:107A Phone: (508) 793-3750
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Noah Berman

noah berman, professor psychology

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Fields: Clinical psychology; obsessive compulsive disorder and related conditions (e.g., body dysmorphia; trichotillomania); cognitive-behavioral therapy
Email: nberman@holycross.edu
Office: Beaven 316  PO Box: 38A      Phone: 508-793-2668
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Daniel Bitran

Daniel Bitran Professor Psychology

Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo
Fields: Behavioral neuroscience, psychopharmacology, and biological psychiatry; role of science and medicine in the Holocaust.
Office: Beaven 426 PO Box: 39APhone: (508) 793-3329
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Alexander Browman

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Northwestern University
Fields: Motivation; self and identity; societal and classroom conditions that influence academic motivation, learning, and achievement; economic inequality; youth and young adults from less advantaged backgrounds
Email: abrowman@holycross.edu
Office: Beaven 332 PO Box: 38A  Phone: (508) 793-3761
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Danuta Bukatko

Affiliate, Women's and Gender Studies
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Fields: Child development, cognitive development in early childhood including memory and representation, social cognition, gender-role development
Office: Beaven 322 PO Box: 175A Phone: (508) 793-3433
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Lindsey Caola

close up of faculty member with smiling at the camera

Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Boston College
FieldsDevelopmental psychology; adolescent development, college student motivation and well-being, educational psychology; math learning
Office : Beaven Hall 334 Phone: 
(508) 793-3429



Stephenie R. Chaudoir

faculty member standing in front of a white board with writing smiling at the camera

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Fields: Social and health psychology, stigma, disclosure, HIV/AIDS and other concealable stigmatized identities, health disparities
Office: Beaven 326 PO Box: 125A Phone: 508-793-3620
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Michael Creane

visiting assistant professor of psychology michael creane

Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley
FieldsMoral Development; Cross-cultural human development; Developmental changes in reasoning about deception; and Transactive discourse
Email: mcreane@holycross.edu
Office: Beaven 335B Phone: (508) 793-3987


Gregory J. DiGirolamo

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Oregon
Fields:  Cognitive neuroscience, cognitive control and its disturbance, visual attention
Office: Beaven 402 PO Box: 216A Phone: (508) 793-3595
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Mark Freeman

Distinguished Professor of Ethics and Society
Ph.D., University of Chicago
Fields: History and philosophy of psychology; the self; narrative psychology; psychology of art and creativity
Office: Beaven 331  PO Box: 26A  Phone: (508) 793-3081
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Suzanne Gray

Headshot of Suzanne Gray holding two birds

Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Tufts University
Fields: Comparative avian cognition, attention and executive function, communication and prosociality
Office: Beaven  
Phone: (508) 793-2697



Jumi Hayaki

Health Professions Advising
Ph.D., Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
Fields: Clinical psychology; eating disorders; substance use disorders; emotional dysregulation
Email: jhayaki@holycross.edu 
Office: Beaven 333PO Box 217A Phone: (508) 793-2612
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Neal E. Lipsitz

Distinguished Visiting Lecturer
Ph.D., Boston College
Fields: Counseling
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Alison Bryant Ludden


Ph.D., University of Michigan
Fields: Adolescent development, youth risk and resiliency, motivation and schooling, adolescents' use of caffeine and other substances, and civic engagement
Office: Beaven 334 PO Box 114A Phone: (508) 793-3898
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 Robert Paul Malchow

professor robert p malchow

Visiting Professor
Ph.D. SUNY Stony Brook
Fields: Neuroscience & Sensory Physiology
Office: Beaven  409B Phone: 
(508) 793-3069



Ruth McLeod

visiting assistant professor psychology, ruth mcleod

Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Connecticut 
Fields of interest: Behavioral Neuroscience, perinatal neurodevelopment, early brain injury, premature infant brain injury, treatment and outcomes.
Email: rmcleod@holycross.edu
Office:  Beaven Hall, 409 A Phone: 
(508) 793-2201


Ryan Mruczek

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Brown University
Fields: Primate vision, object and tool representations, experience-dependent plasticity, visual illusions, systems neuroscience methods
Office: Beaven 403B   PO Box: 38A   Phone: (508)793-2328
Office hours:
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Muhammad Ali Qadri

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Tufts University
Fields: Animal cognition, comparative psychology, animal behavior, visual perception, action recognition, decision making
Email: mqadri@holycross.edu
Office: Beaven 410 PO Box: 38A  Phone: (508) 793-3760
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Anurag Rimzhim


Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Fields: Cognitive Science, Psycholinguistics, Reading, Virtual Reality, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Email: arimzhim@holycross.edu
Office:  Beaven 331 PO BoxPhone: 508-793-3933
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Richard Schmidt

Distinguished Professor of Liberal Arts
Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Fields: Cognitive Science, interpersonal coordination, interlimb coordination, dynamical theories of behavior, ecological psychology
Office: Beaven 330 PO Box 176A Phone: (508) 793-2244
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Kristy Shockley

faculty member with long hair wearing a red blazer standing in front of an ivy covered brick building smiling at the camera

Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D. University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Fields: Psychology and Law, Child Development, Child Sexual Abuse
Office: Beaven 335 F Phone: 
(508) 793-2304




Colleen Smith

Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Syracuse University
Fields: Psychology; Social Psychology
Email: cjsmith@holycross.edu
Office: Beaven 335 F PO Box: 38A  Phone: (508) 793-2278
Zoom Office Hours: 
Wednesdays 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM., Thursdays 10:00 AM. – 12:00 PM, and by appointment



laura cortes psychology administrative assistant

Laura Cortés 
Administrative Assistant
Office: Beaven 327 PO Box 38A Phone: (508) 793-3578




Kayla Joyce

kayla joyce psychology department lab supervisor

 Lab Supervisor
Office:  Beaven 329 Phone: (508) 793-2792.




Faculty Emeriti

John F. Axelson

Professor, Emeritus
Ph.D., Tulane University
Fields: Neuroendocrinology, hormones and behavior, neuroanatomy, health and medicine
Email: jaxelson@holycross.edu 



Patricia E. Kramer

Associate Professor Emerita
Charles A. Dana Faculty Fellow and Associate Professor

Ph.D., Columbia University
Fields: Visual perception, face perception
Email: pkramer@holycross.edu 
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Charles Weiss

Associate Professor Emeritus
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Suzanne Kirschner

Professor Emerita
Ed.D., Harvard University
Fields: History and philosophy of psychology; cultural psychology; sociocultural studies of psychology/psychiatry; theories of personality
Email: skirschn@holycross.edu
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Charles M. Locurto

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., Fordham University
Fields: Animal behavior, comparative intelligence, individual differences in animal problem solving, behavioral genetics
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