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Daniel Klinghard

Political Science Department
J.D. Power Center for Liberal Arts in the World
Charles Carroll Program


Director, J.D. Power Center for Liberal Arts in the World
Co-director, Charles Carroll Program

Ph.D., Brandeis University

Fields: Political parties and interest groups; race and ethnic politics; American political development

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Office Phone: 508-793-2361
Office: Fenwick 322 POLS, Smith 332 
PO Box: 70A
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Professor Klinghard earned his Ph.D. from Brandeis University in 2004. His book, The Nationalization of American Political Parties, 1880-1896, was published by Cambridge University Press in 2010. He is presently engaged in research projects that explore, respectively, changes in American trade policy in the late nineteenth century, the role of technology in shaping party development, and Thomas Jefferson's book, Notes on the State of Virginia. He has taught at the College of Charleston, Clark University, and Brandeis University. At Holy Cross, he teaches courses on political parties and interest groups, race and ethnic politics, and American Political Development.

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