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Peace and Conflict Studies is an interdisciplinary concentration available to all students who wish to complement their major field with courses on world peace and social justice.

The Concentration is administered through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (CIS).  Each year CIS and Peace and Conflict Studies bring visiting experts in a variety of peace, conflict, and justice issues to Holy Cross to teach courses and give public lectures.

In the Classroom

Students interested in international issues can select from an array of courses in international organization, human rights, economic and political development, regional conflicts in areas such as Latin America and the Middle East, global economics, and the religious and moral dimensions of war, peace, and international conflict. Others focus on domestic issues of education; economic, racial, and sexual discrimination; social policy; and violence.  In both cases students often include study of nonviolence, conflict resolution, and social movements.  A list of current courses is available from our office in Smith 329.

Holy Cross is a Jesuit College, and the Jesuits have made the service of faith and promotion of justice within an option for the poor the guiding principle of their ministries.  Accordingly, the Peace and Conflict Studies program makes available a "faith and justice" option which enables interested faculty and students to give particular attention to Catholic social teaching and social action and to participate in programs of spiritual direction and small group reflection.

Beyond the Classroom

Peace and Conflict Studies works closely with other College programs which enable students to pursue internships, Semester Away, and service-learning opportunities at home and abroad. Students are encouraged to develop skills in community organizing, conflict and dispute resolution, and other forms of peacemaking.