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Neuroscience: Self-Designed Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in neuroscience includes a breadth of courses from the natural and quantitative sciences, philosophy, and psychology. Individualized programs based on a faculty-designed template guide students to discover fundamental principles of nervous system structure and function, the role of genes, molecules, cells, and nervous systems in behavior and mental activity, and insights into human nature, health, and disease.

The interdisciplinary minor in neuroscience is compatible with any major as well as study abroad. The curriculum offers multiple different points of entry for students, starting with the 100-level interdisciplinary Introduction to Neuroscience, or at the intermediate level through courses in the biology or psychology departments. Through it, students gain appreciation of how concepts and methods from multiple disciplines across the sciences, social sciences, and humanities are applied to understand complex problems.

Program Highlights

  • The program is flexible and compatible with any major, as well as semester away and study abroad programs.
  • Students are provided with advising based on individual goals and a faculty-designed template, and have the opportunity to submit their individualized program proposals twice annually to the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies for review and approval.
  • The Holy Cross faculty boasts more than a dozen members in five different departments (biologychemistrymathematics and computer sciencephilosophy, and psychology) who teach neuroscience-related courses and/or involve students in neuroscience-related research.
  • Holy Cross students present their research annually at regional and national neuroscience conferences and have had their work published in peer-reviewed journals along with their faculty mentors.
  • Several distinguished scholars are invited to campus every year to speak on a broad range of neuroscience-related topics and interact with students.

Neuroscience News

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Oct 23, 2018

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