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ROTC Scholarship Program
Graduating high school students can apply through the national competition for a four-year Naval ROTC Scholarship. If selected for the four-year Naval ROTC Scholarship Program, they receive full tuition, all academic fees, military uniforms, a stipend of $750 per academic year for textbooks, and a graduated monthly subsistence allowance ($250/month for freshmen, $300 for sophomores, $350 for juniors and $400 for seniors) while attending college. Additionally, the College of the Holy Cross offers free room to all four-year national scholarship winners living on campus. They are required to take certain college courses, undergo three summer training cruises, each approximately four weeks in duration, and are required to serve at least five years on active duty after commissioning.

Second-year college students can apply through the national competition for the two-year Naval ROTC Scholarship Program. If selected, during their third and fourth years they will receive full tuition, all academic fees, the annual stipend of $750 for textbooks, military uniforms, and a monthly stipend the same as a four year scholarship student. These students will also undergo summer training cruises. They will be required to serve at least five years on active duty after commissioning.

Students participating in the NROTC program are required to complete a Bachelor’s Degree at an accredited institution in four years to receive a commission as an officer in the United States Navy or the United States Marine Corps. Any of the available majors at Holy Cross are permitted, but students are strongly encouraged to pursue some form of technical major. Those who major in non-technical subjects are still required to take some technical courses (see below) in order to prepare for the highly technical nature of today’s naval service. These courses, even for non-tech majors, should count toward degree requirements as most majors require some math and science coursework. When computing national standings prior to service selection during senior year, the Navy gives additional credit to those pursuing technical degrees. The following are the academic requirements for participation in the NROTC Program:

  • Calculus (two semesters, Navy only) 
  • Calculus-based Physics (two semesters, Navy only)
  • English (two semesters, Navy and Marine Corps)
  • World Culture and Regional Studies (one semester, Navy only)
  • American History/National Security Policy (one semester, Navy and Marine Corps)

Students must complete Calculus and English prior to the start of their junior year and Calculus-based physics prior to the start of their senior year.

College (non-scholarship) Program
First- and second-year students who applied for but were not awarded a four-year scholarship may apply directly to the Professor of Naval Science for enrollment in the College Program (non-scholarship). College Program Students do not receive the financial benefits of a four-year scholarship awardee, but may join the battalion to pursue a commission as a Naval Officer. College Program Students are fully integrated in the battalion and may be eligible to compete for various other NROTC Scholarships. Please contact the Holy Cross NROTC unit if you are interested in learning more about this option.

Naval Science Courses
The following are the required courses for all midshipmen, both Navy and Marine Corps (except where noted). They are taught by the Unit’s officers, and often must be taken in addition to a normal collegiate course load.

  • Intro to Naval Science 
  • Sea Power
  • Leadership & Management 
  • Navigation (Navy only)
  • Naval Operations (Navy only)
  • Engineering Systems (Navy only)
  • Weapons Systems (Navy only)
  • Marine Corps Leadership (Marine Corps only)
  • Intro to Amphibious Warfare (Marine Corps only)
  • Evolution of Warfare (Marine Corps only)
  • Leadership & Ethic