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Mathematics and Computer Science

Computer Science: Major, Minor 
Mathematics: Major
Statistics: Minor 

In our increasingly technology-driven society, mathematics and computer science are part of our daily public discourse. In this context, the department works toward helping students become knowledgeable and sophisticated learners, able to think and work independently, and to work productively in concert with their peers. Through the mathematics and computer science curriculum at Holy Cross, students become active participants in the study of fundamental and dynamic areas of human endeavor.

The department's programs are informed by other disciplines and seek out ways that mathematics and computer science have an impact on the world at large. The department offers majors in mathematics and computer science.  Both majors offer honors programs with opportunities for independent research. The department also offers minors in computer science and in statistics.  The computer science minor is open to students in any major, including mathematics. The statistics minor is open to students in any major, including mathematics or computer science. 

students working on a computer with a faculty member
Major, Minor
students on computer
From honors programs to a math and computer science club, students can get involved outside of the classroom.
students knitting
Students have opportunities to conduct research in mathematics or computer science.
Student and a faculty member working
Our majors find positions in finance, actuarial work, teaching, software engineering, and consulting.

Mathematics and Computer Science News

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Jan 2, 2018

NAME Zhiran (Karen) Xu ’19 HOMETOWN Shenzhen, China AREAS OF STUDY Computer science and music double major WHERE SHE’S STUDYING University College Dublin in Dublin, Ireland DURATION Spring 2018 WHY SHE CHOSE IRELAND “I always wanted to live in Europe for …

Holy Cross Professor on Understanding the Big Numbers in the News

Nov 20, 2017

In a charmingly informative article for The Conversation, associate professor of mathematics and computer science Andrew Hwang shows readers how to “use school arithmetic, common knowledge and a little imagination to train your emotional sense for the large numbers shaping our daily …