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Melissa A. Boyle

Economics and Accounting Department

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Fields: Health Economics, Public Economics, Cultural Economics


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Office Phone: 508-793-2334
Office: Stein 508
PO Box: 191A
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In my free time I enjoy choral singing, playing the flute, and attending any sort of live performance event (but especially Broadway). I am also an enthusiastic figure skating fan. My household is managed by two cats who very kindly allow me to share their space. I have lived in New England for my entire life, and I love it here but hate the snow.


  • Principles of Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Economics of the Arts
  • Health Economics


Research Interests

Economics of Aging, Health Economics, Cultural Economics, Public Economics


"The Asset and Income Profiles of Residents in Senior Care Communities" with Norma Coe. Research on Aging. Forthcoming 2012.

“The Effect of Ticket Resale Laws on Consumption and Production in Performing Arts Markets” with Lesley Chiou. Eastern Economic Journal. 38(2), 210-222. 2012

“Health Insurance and the Labor Supply Decisions of Older Workers:  Evidence from a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Expansion” with Joanna Lahey. Journal of Public Economics. 94(7-8), 467-478.  2010.

“Will Better Access to Health Care Change How Much Older Men Work?” with Joanna Lahey. Boston College Center for Retirement Research Issue in Brief. August 2010 Number 10-14.

“Moral Rights Protection for the Visual Arts” with Stacy Nazzaro and Debra O’Connor.  Journal of Cultural Economics. 34(1), 27-44.  2010.

“Measuring Tax Incidence: A Natural Experiment in the Hybrid Vehicle Market” with Victor Matheson Environmental Economics and Policy Studies. 10(2-4), 101-107.  2009.

“Determinants of the Distribution of Congressional Earmarks Across States” with Victor Matheson.  Economics Letters. 104, 63-65.  2009.

“Broadway Productions and the Value of a Tony Award” with Lesley Chiou.  Journal of Cultural Economics.  33(1), 49-68.  2009.

“A Survey of House Price Hedonic Studies of the Impact of Environmental Externalities” with Katherine Kiel.  Journal of Real Estate Literature.  9(2), 117-144.  2001.

Downloadable Working Papers

"Spousal Labor Market Effects from Government Health Insurance: Evidence from a Veterans Affairs Expansion" with Joanna Lahey

“Drawing Conclusions from Non-Random Samples: A Comment on Race and Art: Prices for African American Painters and their Contemporaries by Richard Agnello” with Victor Matheson

“Dual-Eligible Medicaid Spending: Are We on the Flat of the Curve?” with Joanna Lahey and Margaret Czervionke

"Costs and Benefits of Elderly Prescription Drug Coverage: Evidence from Veterans' Health Care"

“Health and Utilization Effects of Increased Access to Publicly Provided Health Care: Evidence from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs”

Useful Web Sites

Gruber Lecture on Health Care Reform - College of the Holy Cross 3/11/10
American Economic Association Undergrad Page


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