Karen Teitel


Associate Professor
Program Coordinator, Accounting Program

Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Fields: Financial Reporting

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Contact Information

Email: kteitel@holycross.edu
Office Phone: 508-793-2679
Office: Stein 537
Box: 189A



The impact of financial accounting information on the decisions made by corporate managers, stock investors, and financial analysts

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A complete list of Publications 

  • Pfeiffer, R., K. Teitel, M. Wahab and S. Wahab. 2021. “A new approach to identifying the news in analysts' earnings forecasts: An alternative to the random walk expectation.” Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies, 24, 4.
  • Wahab, S., K. Teitel and B. Morzuch. 2017. “How Analysts and Whisperers Use Fundamental Accounting Signals To Make Quarterly EPS Forecasts.” Journal of Accounting Auditing & Finance, 32, 3, 401-422. Article first published online: November 15, 2015, https://doi.org/10.1177/0148558X15613040
  • Machuga, S. M., K. Teitel and A. Costello. 2013. “Evidence of Earnings Management and Managers’ Choice of Actuarial Assumptions for the Accounting of Retiree Health Care Costs.” Advances in Quantitative Analysis in Finance and Accounting, 11, 87-111

Select Working Papers

A complete list of Working Papers

  • Teitel, K., M. Wahab, and S. Wahab. “Whisper Forecast Activity and Analysts’ Forecast Biases.” August 2019.

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