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The Department of Classics offers a broad range of courses in the languages, literature, history, and art of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The major is rooted in the study of the languages and texts, ranging from the Homeric poems of the archaic Greek period to the works of St. Augustine in the fourth century C.E. Majors have opportunities to be part of a large and thriving classics community, conduct collaborative research, and study abroad through the College’s programs in Athens and Rome.

The department has 10 full-time faculty members and approximately 60 majors, making it one of the largest classics departments in the country, and a program that offers breadth, depth, and multiple approaches to the Greek and Roman civilizations. Course offerings concentrate on ancient literature, classical art and archaeology, Greek and Roman history, and Greek and Roman philosophical and religious texts. Opportunities are available to engage in scholarly research, and students have access to technological resources in the department’s St. Isidore of Seville Computer Lab.

Program Highlights

The department offers Latin and Greek at every level each semester and also offers courses in translation in:
  • literature
  • mythology
  • archaeology
  • Classical art
  • Greek history
  • Roman history
  • ancient science
  • ancient rhetoric and oratory
  • ancient religions
  • early Christianity
  • gender and sexuality in the ancient world
  • Greek and Roman understandings of nature and the environment
  • the reception of classical texts
The department offers competitive, merit-based scholarships for entering students who will major in classics.
Students engage in thesis research and digital projects, present at conferences and publish in a variety of outlets.
Holy Cross sponsors programs in both Rome and Athens, and students can spend a semester in each city if they choose.

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