Neel Smith


Classics Department


Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Fields: Classical archaeology, ancient science, digital methods in Classical studies.


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Office Phone: 508-793-2621
Office: Fenwick 415
PO Box: 102A
Office Hours: to be scheduled in Sept. Drop-in visits or appointments always welcome!

Faculty advisor to the Holy Cross Manuscripts, Inscriptions and Documents Club

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I teach courses both in ancient languages (in addition to Greek and Latin at all levels, I have taught Lycian and Old Persian), and in a wide range of archaeological and historical topics.  Coming up this year:



I described my work on manuscripts for the Academic Minute broadcast (or download the podcast).

I recently spoke at a U.C. Berkeley symposium on "The Future of Computing" honoring the retirement of Dave Patterson.  My topic was "Building scientific apps  — in  vellum."