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Catholic Studies

Catholic Studies: Self-Designed Major, Self-Designed Minor 

From its biblical origins to today’s global realities, Catholicism continues to impact and transform humanity. Through the Catholic Studies Program, you can enter the intellectual life of the Church, its social teachings and rich cultural heritage, gaining a highly focused Jesuit and Catholic perspective on the arts, sciences, humanities, law, medicine, politics, and business.

Catholic Studies offers a rigorous, interdisciplinary approach to Catholic society and culture. You can design your own major or minor across multiple disciplines to pursue a curriculum that suits your interests and passion. Engaging with individual advisors and expert faculty in classics, English, history, World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, philosophy, religious studies, sociology, and visual arts, you can enrich your personal and career goals with the strength of purpose and moral formation that come from Catholic learning.

Program Highlights

Students are exposed to a broad range of topics such as:
  • the philosophy of religion 
  • Catholicism in the U.S. 
  • ancient Greek philosophy 
  • Latin American history 
  • modern religious movements and
  • Jesuit history 

Catholic Studies News

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