Stephanie Crofts

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Biology Department
Assistant Professor 
Ph.D., University of Washington, Seattle

Fields: Biomechanics, Functional Morphology, Comparative Anatomy


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Office Phone: 508-793-2594
Office: O'Neil 310
Office Hours: TBA
Box: B


My research is in biomechanics and functional morphology, using principals from physics and engineering to understand how organisms tune morphology to ecology. Using a variety of methodologies, including working with physical specimens, CT data, and models, I investigate the effects of functional trade-offs and the limits imposed by evolutionary history on ‘specialized’ morphologies, and how these changes in morphology allow for diversification and invasion of new niches. In this way I can understand what aspects of a particular structure are key to function, compare between related taxa, and look for convergence. I am particularly interested in the evolution of specialized dentitions, but have worked on a wide range of other research questions.