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Architectural Studies Program

Director: Lorelle Semley
O'Kane 388

Advisor: David Karmon
Fenwick 438

Associate director of concentrations: Susan Cunningham
Smith 331

Academic administrative assistant: Karen Todd

Organized under the umbrella of the College’s Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, and contained within the Department of Visual Arts, Architectural Studies offers a minor and a self-designed, preapproved major option.

Through a variety of Architectural Studies courses, students learn how a multidisciplinary approach to architecture is the key to building a better world, from quality housing to successful schools and transportation networks.

The interdisciplinary study of architecture at Holy Cross extends across all the major areas of the liberal arts curriculum, from the arts and humanities to the social and natural sciences.

Visual Resources Library

The Visual Resources Library in O’Kane 497 makes accessible quality images for class instruction and also for student reference. The library contains optimized Mac and PC computers and scanners available for access to image resources and related software applications. The library also offers approximately 100,000 35 mm slides of architecture, painting, sculpture, photography, and functional art (e.g., furniture and ceramics) for classroom use.