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Organized under the umbrella of the College’s Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, and contained within the Department of Visual Arts, Architectural Studies offers a minor and a self-designed, preapproved major option.

Through a variety of Architectural Studies courses, students learn how a multidisciplinary approach to architecture is the key to building a better world, from quality housing to successful schools and transportation networks.

The interdisciplinary study of architecture at Holy Cross extends across all the major areas of the liberal arts curriculum, from the arts and humanities to the social and natural sciences.

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The major

The Architectural Studies major leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree, and consists of an interdisciplinary roster of 14 courses in architectural history and design, the humanities, and the social sciences (10 courses if double-majoring).


The minor

The Architectural Studies minor consists of five to six courses reflective of the major’s core requirements, and provides an overview of the interdisciplinary approaches to the built environment.


Alumni Success 

Students who major in Architectural Studies have many different career options: they can go on to pursue an architecture professional degree, thus joining a growing number of alumni who are practicing architects, landscape designers, preservationists and urban planners.
Students can also go into other fields such as law, business, government and social work, where knowledge of architectural and environmental issues — supplemented by a broad background in the liberal arts — is a vital asset.