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Students apply for admission to the Combined Plan Program at Columbia University during their third year at Holy Cross. With careful planning, students can qualify for guaranteed admission if they complete the prerequisite science and mathematics courses with a grade of B or better and maintain an overall grade point average higher than 3.3. Students who do not complete the requirements in time to receive guaranteed admission can still apply for admission. Please note that Columbia University makes all final decisions about admission to the Combined Plan Program. Additional descriptions and admissions requirements for the Columbia Combined Plan Program are available on the Columbia website.

Planning and Advising

Students who wish to pursue this program benefit from personal advising from the 3-2 Program advisor. We encourage students to contact the advisor as early as possible in their college career in order to properly plan their courses, as it is difficult to schedule all of the requirements into a three-year time span without careful planning. The 3-2 Program advisor can assist with planning one’s curriculum most effectively, even before choosing first year courses.


Course Requirements

The following courses must be completed at Holy Cross before transferring to Columbia:

  • Three semesters of calculus
  • Two semesters of physics
  • One semester of chemistry
  • One semester of economics
  • One semester of English
  • One semester of computer programming

Additional courses, such as modern physics, applied mathematics or organic chemistry may be required for specific engineering fields.