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Student Research

Implicit List-Learning in Pigeons. Transcendence, Paradox and the Incarnate Word. Supersymmetry Breaking in a Metastable Vacuum. Do Sporting Events Displace Crime? These are just a few of the research topics Holy Cross students helped to create and complete in a recent year. (Don’t worry, we don’t always understand them either.)

Applied Passion

Research gives students the chance to dig into their passions. They design their own projects, work closely with faculty members and transform knowledge into action within a hands-on, experiential setting.

Throughout the process, they learn teamwork, acquire technical skills, grow more independent and build close relationships with their supervising faculty member. They often serve as co-authors on research publications and travel to national conferences to present their findings. As a result, their research experiences open doors — to graduate programs, careers, additional research opportunities and more.

When Can I Start?

Many Holy Cross students begin participating in research as early as sophomore year. We encourage you to dive in as soon as possible.

Research Courses

The classic approach: A semester or yearlong credit-granting course of independent research conducted under the guidance of one of our professors.

Summer Research

You’ve never had a summer job like this. The Weiss Summer Research Program at Holy Cross is truly distinctive, both for the opportunities available and the number of students who participate (more than 100).

Summer Research Symposium

Last year, more than 100 students participated in summer research at Holy Cross. Check out our Summer Research Symposium to learn about the topics they explored, which range from poetry and theology to physics and chemistry.

Take a Look at Some Recent Summer Research Projects

From bees to geometric surfaces to Latin American cinema, 106 students took part in research on campus during the summer of 2016. 

Additional Opportunities

We encourage you to reach out to your professors and advisors for guidance and support, whether you’re interested in research on campus, at another institution, or even abroad. The Office of Fellowships and Graduate Studies is also an excellent resource for securing alternative research opportunities.