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Worship Schedule

While attending Mass is never mandatory, many of our students take advantage of this opportunity to contemplate and connect with others. We celebrate Catholic Mass and regularly have a weekly interdenominational service as well as additional ecumenical and interfaith prayer opportunities. All are welcome to attend. 

Prayer & Worship at Holy Cross
May 13-14, 2017

The 5th Sunday of Easter

Weekend Mass Schedule    
Saturday, May 13 4:30 pm- Fr. Vodokyls Mary Chapel
Sunday, May 14 11:30 am- Fr. Harman St. Joseph Chapel
  7:00 pm- Fr. Campbell Mary Chapel
Sunday Inter-denominational Service of Prayer and Worship    
Sunday, May 14 4:30 pm- Rev Toni DiPina McCooey Chapel
Weekday Mass Schedule (All in McCooey Chapel)    
Monday, May 15 12:05 pm- Fr. Stormes 9:00 pm- Fr. Vodokyls
Tuesday, May 16 12:05 pm- Fr. Gavin 9:00 pm- Fr. Hayes
Wednesday, May 17 12:05 pm- Fr. Stempsey  
Thursday, May 18 12:05 pm- Fr. Percic  
Friday, May 19 12:05 pm- Fr. Clark  
Sacrament of Reconciliation (Reconciliation Chapel- next to McCooey Chapel)    
Monday, May 15 8:00-8:45 pm - Fr. Vodokyls  
Tuesday, May 16 8:00-8:45 pm - Fr. Hayes