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Campus Fitness Facilities

The Jo Recreation and Wellness Center

More information will be available early February.

Loyola Fitness Studio - offline for the Spring 2021 semester

The Loyola Fitness Studio features 2,800 square feet of space dedicated to cardiovascular and strength training. The space features dozens of exercise machines, strength machines, and free weights.

The Loyola Fitness Studio is available to staff and faculty during summer and winter breaks. During this time, the studio is open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., excluding weekends and holidays.

Card Access and Training

Each employee who wishes to use the Loyola Fitness Center must sign a waiver understanding that this site us unmonitored.  We recommend that you work out with a colleague or have a cell phone.  Should you need assistance please contact Public Safety at ext. 2224 or call 911.

Upon submission of your waiver, your Holy Cross ID will be programmed to allow access to the fitness studio during operating hours via the card-swipe system. The entrance to the center is on the back side of the building. Your Holy Cross ID will open this door as well as the center’s door.

Contact Jenn Coode, Worksite Wellness Manager, at ext. 3885 or should you wish to receive training on the equipment.

There are no locker rooms or showers in the Loyola Fitness Center.  It is important that you do not wear outdoor footwear that may track sand/salt/dirt into the center and potentially damage the machines. Please bring a clean pair of shoes for use within the center.