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Sample Page

1160 x773

A hero image may be used atop the page. 1160x773. The photo should relate to the content on the page. Graphics and icons should never be used throughout the site.

Intro text provides an overview of the information on the page. Spec: 1-2 sentences max. It only appears at the top of the page. The use of large intro text is reserved for main landing pages. Use intro text for all other pages. 

Body Copy - H2

This is normal body copy. Body copy should follow intro copy. This is a hyperlink. Never say click here. 

Body copy should be broken up into multiple paragraphs, 2-3 sentences per paragraph.  

This is bolded copy.

This is italicized copy.


A table is a visual way of presenting data and/or information.

Col 1 Head Col 2 Head
555  4534
234234 ABC HJK

Headings - H2

Headings (Hx) should never be bolded, italicized, underlined or hyperlinked. Use H2, followed by H3, followed by H4. H5 should never be used. Ensure proper hierarchy. 

Lists - H2

Numbered Lists - H3

  1. This is a numbered list.
  2. Consectetur adipiscing elit.
  3. Pellentesque pellentesque tortor ut urna blandit.

Numbered Lists with Links - H4

  1. Example of a numbered list with links
  2. Links may also be bolded throughout. 

Bulleted List - H3

  • This is a bulleted list
  • Suspendisse luctus consequat mauris
  • Sed volutpat eros ullamcorper eu.
  • Donec nec neque sed justo ultrices ornare

Feature Box Title Example

A feaure or call-out box is used to call out information. This is an example. Learn more »

Images - H2 

This is an image caption. Additional images 1160x773 may appear throughout the page. 

Hero Image

Hero images appear at the top of a page: 1160x773. The image should enhance the content on the page. No graphics, text or icons. Multiple hero images may appear throughout the page. 

Header Image

Header images appear at the top of every page of a website section, such as an office or program website: 1800x387 px. The image should represent the office, program or area. No graphics, text or icons.


Black Button

Purple Button

Flex Box (Call-Out Boxes)

Flex or call-out boxes are used to call out information on a page. 360x235

Faculty/Staff Listing Profile Images

Professional headshots of faculty, staff, students, etc. 200x267 px


Feature Boxes

In addition to the example feature box above, the single image above content set can be used to call attention to other pages or content in a visual way. There is no limit to the minimum or maximum number of boxes, but aim for at least 3 and no more than 10.