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Holy Cross Makes It Easy to Register to Vote

Employment. Health insurance. The economy. Foreign and domestic policy. Global warming. Homeland security. Welfare. Social policy.

These are only a few of the many important issues facing college-age students. Leading up to the 2012 Presidential Election, these matters will play an important role in helping Americans choose the right candidate to lead the United States.

And everyone’s voice must be heard.

To encourage the participation of all Holy Cross students over 18, the Office of Student Involvement under the division of Student Affairs, is encouraging students to register to vote. Voting is an essential part of democracy. Each vote counts and can make a difference in who is elected to office (remember the 2000 election?).

Holy Cross is making it easy to register to vote. At various points from now through Election Day, Student Affairs and the Civic Engagement Committee will run voter registration events with all necessary forms and information available that students need to register. Qualified individuals will be present to help students complete the forms.

In addition, this website has links to online voter registration. Please take time to explore the site, which includes voter registration information and important links about hot topics and candidates.