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Junior Advisory Days

Applying to college can be overwhelming, and maybe a bit confusing. During Junior Advisory Days, we give rising high school seniors a little extra help in navigating the college admissions process during a three-hour program.

2021 Dates

The Admission Office will post updated dates for the Summer of 2021. 

Essay Writing and Interviewing Seminar

Some of the topics that will be explored during this unique feature of our program include an explanation of the purpose and types of interviews, a discussion of sample interview questions, tips on preparing for an interview, an outline of what Admissions is looking for in an essay and how to pique their interest, as well as a discussion of the types of essays/sample essay questions.

What Students Had to Say

High school students and parents who participated in the Junior Advisory Days Program had this to say about their experience:

  • "Overall, it was a great day and very informative. The admissions counselors were enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I feel much more prepared to handle the essays and interviews involved in the college application process after attending JAD. I also received a great impression of Holy Cross and definitely plan on applying in the fall."
  • "I felt that the Junior Advisory Days was a great program. No other college has offered anything like it (that I am aware of). It was definitely helpful with the information it offered about the essay/interview. Don't change a thing!"
  • "Thanks for a great program. I'm glad we made the trip."
  •  “It was really great. I wish more schools offered it. I especially enjoyed the interview and essay workshop — the information made them seem not so 'impossible' and not as big of a deal and helped me understand exactly what I should be concentrating on. So, overall it was fantastic and I would definitely recommend it!”