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Alumni Interviews

Holy Cross alumni are actively engaged in the admissions process and are eager to meet with students interested in learning more about Holy Cross.

If you are not able to travel to Holy Cross to interview, you can meet one of our alumni volunteers in your area. Please keep in mind that all applicants may only schedule one interview during the application process. 

Tell Me More

  • Who can request an alumni interview? If you aren’t able to travel to Holy Cross for an on-campus interview and haven’t already scheduled or completed another interview with us, you can request an alumni interview. Unfortunately, alumni interviews are not available for Early Decision candidates or transfer applicants.
  • When are alumni interviews available? A request for an alumni interview must be made by December 1.
  • Where are these interviews held? Interviews are held at locations that are convenient for both parties, such as a coffee shop, public library or guidance office.
  •  Does the alumni interview become part of my application file? Yes, the alumni interview is treated exactly the same as any other interview with Holy Cross.

Off-Campus Alumni Interview Request Form

The deadline to request an alumni interview has passed. Admission candidates for Fall 2021 can request an alumni interview beginning in Fall of 2020.