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What You Can Do To Help

Sustainability is gathering feedback and goals for the 2020 Climate Action Plan. Share your thoughts and vision!

You can help with the following actions:

  • Report observations of excessive energy use and concerns to Facilities at x2263.
  • Reduce space lighting by using fluorescent desk lamps instead of ceiling lights where possible.
  • Turn off all lights when leaving the room.
  • When not in use, computers should be shut down, or set to standby or hibernate mode. External monitors should be shut down when not in use. Consider changing your system backup schedules to run during the day rather than leaving your machine on overnight, and remember to turn off printers, scanners and other peripherals when not in use. (Note: Screen savers do not reduce energy use!)
  • Share resources such as printers, copiers, fax machines, etc. Sharing these resources will reduce manufacturing, shipping and disposal energy, and the usage of electricity. 
  • Turn off coffee makers, printers, and copiers when leaving at night and for the weekend.
  • Keep exterior doors and windows closed unless it is a nice day out. Close the window when you leave the space.
  • Laboratory fume heads should be shut down or closed when not in use to minimize exhaust needs.
  • Unless necessary, take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • If you use either a ceiling fan or a small fan to move air for comfort, do not leave it running when you are away from your desk.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather and have additional clothing available in case you are too cold in your space.
  • Reduce plastic waste by using reusable water bottles. There are approximately 20 Halsey Taylor water bottle refill stations, which dispense cold, clean filtered water for free, across campus: 

Wall Units
Hart Recreation Center
Hart Center Lobby
Hart Varsity Gym
Loyola Gym
Hogan 1st floor
Hogan 2nd floor
Hogan 3rd floor
Dinand Library basement
Haberlin (near Science Café)
Smith Hall 2nd floor (near Admissions)
Wheeler basement
Carlin basement
Loyola lobby

Sink Units
Mulledy kitchen
Clark kitchen
Hanselman kitchen
Lehy kitchen
Healy kitchen
Alumni kitchen
Stein Hall (CB2 coffee bar) 


It does not use more energy to turn equipment on and off.