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Single-Stream Recycling at Holy Cross

Holy Cross adopted a single-stream recycling system in 2012. Single-stream recycling is a system in which all recyclable materials — fiber (newspaper, cardboard, mixed paper, catalogs, magazines and junk mail) and containers (glass, steel, aluminum and plastic) — are placed, unsorted, in one recycling bin. It is run by the Environmental Services group of Facilities.

Recycling is an excellent way to reuse materials to avoid filling landfills and wastefully using valuable natural resources. We hope the campus community joins in our effort to take things even a step further by minimizing — or altogether avoiding — the use of materials in the first place.

For example:

• Use tap or filtered water before opting for a water bottle
• Purchase products with minimal or no packaging
• Use a coffee mug instead of paper cups
• Do not print documents to read them when they are available on your computer screen
• Print double-sided when possible

There are many other ways to prevent the use of natural resources and the only limit is your imagination.

All of the recycling material from Holy Cross is collected and transported to a container behind Loyola Hall. These materials are picked up by Waste Management and brought to a facility in Avon, Mass. for sorting.

A unique feature of the Holy Cross recycling program is that you are allowed to mix recycling materials in any recycling container on campus. One challenging aspect to maximize recycling is to keep materials from getting contaminated. For example, all recycling materials are allowed in the single containers because they are separated at the warehouse on campus. However, if a can of soda is not completely empty and it contaminates the paper in the bin then the entire load is rejected by the recycling firm. This can easily be avoided by rinsing containers or making sure they are completely empty.

Please contact Environmental Services at x2454 if you would like to request recycling bins for your department and they will try to help you to develop a specific program for your area.

Single-Stream Recycling Posters

Help us promote recycling on campus. Print the recycling and trash posters (PDF) by clicking the images below and placing them above or on receptacles in your room or office.