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In 2007, then-president Rev. Michael C. McFarland, S.J., signed the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment, committing Holy Cross to reducing its carbon emissions over the coming decades, and to eventually become carbon neutral. As part of the commitment, Holy Cross completed its Carbon Neutral Plan, which calls for a 20 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2015, and a long-term goal of climate neutrality by or before 2040.

The Carbon Neutral Plan was drafted by the Presidential Task Force on the Environment, a College-wide body assigned by Fr. McFarland for overseeing the College’s response to the challenge of sustainability. In addition to reducing the College’s carbon footprint, the task force is dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues and promoting practices beneficial to the environment.

Holy Cross is a member of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. Members of the Holy Cross community can access the full range of this organization's resources by visiting their Web site and registering with your campus e-mail address.



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